California Energy and Environmental Blogs

Below is a series of blogs dealing with environmental issues and renewable energy in California. Please click here to contact the Green Portal Web Manager  if you know of any other relevant blogs or if you would like to promote yours on our portal page.

Members of our energy group provide a full range of transactional, regulatory and litigation services to a wide variety of entities in the electric power and natural gas industries across the United States.

The Green Desert Blog covers energy and green technology for The Desert Sun.

Climate Watch is KQED's multi-year initiative to provide in-depth coverage of climate-related science and policy issues, with a specific focus on California. Climate Watch is a true multimedia endeavor, centered around a comprehensive web climate portal, that provides a wealth of resources and a healthy discussion of climate change.

EDF's energy experts discuss how to remake today's energy market for efficiency and innovation.

Nicholas School faculty are helping to develop environmentally-friendly energy sources in Kenya; improve nuclear waste disposal in the United States; investigate new devices to exclude dolphins, porpoises and sea turtles from fishing nets; and measure the effects of increased carbon dioxide emissions on trees and soils.

Blog of land use and environmental lawyers for developers, owners, and businesses.

As environmental lawyers practicing in four markets in the State of California, we have the spectrum of legal issues facing the environmental and natural resources industry covered. We will strive to provide you with emerging issues on topics that are important to you as age interest owners, wineries, property rights owners, food processors, local governments, public entities, forest product companies, land owners, and timber companies. You can expect our posts to discuss the comprehensive legal and business issues in which you face, or we will notify you of what you can expect to face. Specific topics include the California High Speed Rail, Delta Leg and Water Rights, Water Quality, Timber and Forest Products, Energy, Agribusiness and Food Processing, and Winery and Vineyards.

This blog provides a forum for legal and policy analysis on a variety of climate-related issues. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the individual authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Center for Climate Change Law.

Legal Planet, a collaboration between UC Berkeley School of Law and UCLA School of Law, provides insight and analysis on energy and environmental law and policy. The blog draws upon the individual research strengths and vast expertise of the law schools’ legal scholars and think tanks. Our goal is to fill a unique space on the blogosphere, not only by bridging the worlds of law and policy, but also by translating the latest developments in a way that’s understandable to a mass audience.

This blog is a service of Alston & Bird's Climate Change and Carbon Management team and focuses on rapidly emerging issues associated with greenhouse gas emissions. Our lawyers are experienced with a wide range of domestic and international business, regulatory and litigation issues in this arena.

The business case for the development of renewable energy projects, from biodiesel and ethanol to wind, solar, and distributed generation, is more compelling than ever as tax and regulatory incentives combine to attract investments. Emerging issues in environmental law and increasingly recognized principles of corporate social responsibility are encouraging public companies to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions, install clean energy alternatives, and invest overseas in projects under the Kyoto Protocol to respond to climate change concerns.

The Smart Grid Blog is sponsored by National Technical Systems and written by the engineers and staff of the NTS Advanced Technology Group. NTS (NASDAQ: NTSC) provides companies and government organizations throughout the world with process and product compliance services, testing services, engineering services and program management support. Our significant intellectual and physical assets ensure we can manage and support the changing needs of our customers.